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We are Chiheisha Publishing

Hello to All,

We, Chiheisha Publishing(地平社), are a new publishing house, born in Jimbocho, a book town in Tokyo Japan, at the beginning of 2024. We are a group of members who have worked in various publishing and media fields, and we will start publishing books in April and monthly magazines named 地平 this summer.

Chihei means “horizon” in English and it also has a meaning that includes the earth, a path, and a point of view in Japanese language. And also, this is our favorite though, when horizon is written in Japanese kanji, it contains the character for “peace on earth”. So we decided to become a publishing house that would always think about peace on earth.

Our mission

 (1) To share the voices of people around the world, living in the midst of difficulties, in civil society, leading to new discussions and solidarity.
 (2)To provide citizens seeking a better way forward by critically examine social issues with integrating journalism and academics that are occurring widely in the world today, such as war, conflict, poverty, inequality, environmental crises, the deterioration of democracy and labor issues.
(3)To critically examine global issues such as war, conflict, poverty, inequality, labor issues, environmental crisis and the deterioration of democracy,  through the integration of journalism and academic research.

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The director and editor-in-chief is Mr. Shinichiro Kumagai, who has long engaged in editor-in-chief of one of Japan’s leading liberal review magazine named ” SEKAI”.

Company info

Company name: Chiheisha Co.,Ltd.
Representative Director, Editor in chief: Shinichiro KUMAGAI
Number of employees: 5 (as of January 2024)
Head office location: 2F Shiraishi Bldg. 1-32, Kanda-Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0051 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-6260-5480
Email: info@chiheisha.co.jp
Established: January 16, 2024
Capital stock: 9.8 million yen
Legal counsel: Kenji UTSUNOMIYA
Business operations:
-Book Publishing
-Magazine Publishing
-Organization of events and workshops

About Representative Director, Editor in chief

Shinichiro KUMAGAI
He was born in August 1976. After working as a freelance journalist, he joined the Iwanami shoten Publishers in 2007. He joined an editorial department of a monthly magazine named “Sekai”,  Iwanami shoten Publishers, and he served as the magazine’s editor-in-chief from July 2018 to September 2022.
During his 17-year tenure, he edited more than 2,000 articles and more than 30 books, booklets, and other publications. As editor-in-chief of Sekai magazine, he increased the number of copies sold and subscriptions for three consecutive years, while also promoting reforms such as procurement reviews and overtime reductions to maintain the publication of the magazine.
In July 2023, he left Iwanami Shoten Publishers  to start his own business.
He is the author of 『なぜ加害を語るのか』 (Iwanami booklet), 『反日とは何か』 (Chuko Shinsho Rakure), 『金子さんの戦争』 (Little More), 『私たちが戦後の責任を受けとめる30の視点』 (Godo Shuppan), and 『非戦』 (Gentosha), which he co-authored with Ryuichi Sakamoto and others.
He enjoys reading, motorcycles, and music. He lives in Hachioji, Tokyo, with his wife, three children, and a cat.


Today, many of the risks that rock our communities and lives are invisible.
Viruses that cause pandemics and many of the social injustices are invisible as well.
That is why we strongly believe that journalism to uncover facts, academia to delve into their meaning, and the media to communicate them are so important.
We will launch independent media as an infrastructure for democracy.

March 2024
Shinichiro KUMAGAI